San Diego Tattoos

Tattoos are permanent pieces of art that allow people to express themselves visually.

San Diego Tattoos

Tattoos are permanent pieces of art that allow people to express themselves visually. Reminton Tattoo offers an abundance of tattoo artists specializing in different styles - illustrative, black-and-gray, fine-line, Japanese traditional, American traditional etc.

Ghore appreciates the cute, whimsical elements of anime and wants her clients to share this same love of this form of media. She welcomes designing anything they feel speaks to them personally.

Chapter One Tattoo

Tattoos are a meaningful mark on your body that mark its wearer for life. Robert Patrick is especially proud of the one depicting Berserks from Norse mythology; this warrior uses special potions that render them immune from fire or steel, marking him forever.

Chapter One Tattoo in Pacific Beach is known for their high-quality work. Their eclectic atmosphere features tattoo artists of various styles; you can view more of their art on Instagram or Facebook.

The shop features an easy appointment process; simply fill out and submit a simple form to receive an evaluation price for your design. They specialize in American classic traditional, black and gray Chicano dainty blackwork geometric tattoos as well as removal services as well as cover up services - check out their website for more details!

Guru Tattoo

Guru Tattoo Parlor was established on the premise of providing talented tattoo artists an environment conducive to growth. Now spanning two locations within San Diego city limits, it boasts some of the nation's top talent as its resident artists.

Aaron Della Vedova of their resident artists specializes in Japanese, American Traditional, black & grey illustrative tribal tattooing as well as large bold full coverage pieces using both Neo Traditional & Traditional styles.

Adam Hathorn stands out in the industry with his signature vibrant and humorous tattooing style that makes his art irresistibly attractive to both clients and fellow tattooists. As one of San Diego's premier tattooers, his popularity is unsurpassed.

Left Hand Black is home to some of our favorite dark and macabre artists, such as Turk who was featured on Ink Master. Natia has perfected an outstanding style of dark shadow children and clowns.

Above All Tattoo Shop

Above All Tattoo is a walk-in tattoo shop featuring a team of highly experienced artists. Working closely with each client, they design tattoos that meet both their vision and expectations - whether traditional, black & grey full color designs, biomechanical, Japanese neo traditional floral geometric or other types. Furthermore they provide gift certificates merchandise and aftercare kits.

Oceanside Tattoo Studio boasts a staff of ten artists that specialize in various styles of tattooing including realism, black and grey and neo-traditional tattooing as well as small tattoos such as sleeves and back pieces. Flash sales and discounted services make this shop an attractive choice when choosing where to get inked next - and don't forget the merchandise available for those proudly sporting their tattoos as gifts!

Wolf & Shadow

Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Shop can be found in South Park and is renowned for its exquisite color work and floral tattoos, especially no outline color tattoos by artist Stephanie. You'll have many styles from American classic traditional, new school black & gray realism dainty chicano tattooing available here as well!

Best of all, they welcome walk-ins! So you can stop in anytime to get that impulse tattoo you've been considering or book an appointment online or over the phone with one of their artists.

At this parlor, Pride tattoos are available! Be prepared for a waitlist as this parlor is highly popular and special pricing during events may apply; check their website for further information; prices start around $50 for small pieces.

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